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The Importance of Data Quality Training
By: InfoBluePrint

In recent years the accuracy of information has become increasingly important to business success, putting a prominent focus on data quality. With the growing emphasis on Quality, businesses are looking... Read More

Mistake #5: No Processes for Managing Dynamic Business & Data Rules
By: Bryn Davies

One of the most prevalent characteristics of a data migration project is the significant extent of continual change that must be dealt with, often late into the programme. This is... Read More

Mistake #4: Delays Because the Target is Undefined
By: Bryn Davies

We often hear from the project stakeholders that "it is too early for the data migration team to start as we have not yet defined the target". What absolute rubbish!... Read More

Mistake #3: Not Adequately Addressing Data Quality
By: Bryn Davies

There is often a lot of hype and a lot of expectation generated in the process of selling the “new system”, both from external and internal parties, as the motivations... Read More

Mistake #2: Not Involving Business Early Enough
By: Bryn Davies

The data in an organisation belongs to the business, and they have to be the ones making the business decisions about it. Coupled with this, in a data migration project... Read More

The Top Five Mistakes in a Data Migration Project
By: Bryn Davies

Having been involved in a number of large-scale data migration projects, InfoBluePrint has come across some common re-occurring themes that have the potential to derail not only the data migration... Read More

How to Build a Glossary for Data Quality Activities
By: Bryn Davies

Before you launch into your data quality initiative, agree on the exact terms you’ll be using for the programme. Bryn Davies explains why this is so important and provides a... Read More

The “springboard” of data quality and data governance stemming from a data migration
By: Interview by Dylan Jones, CEO of Data Quality Pro.

Bryn Davies, Managing Director of InfoBluePrint, discusses the “springboard” of data quality and data governance stemming from a data migration. Dylan Jones: Thanks for taking time out to talk Bryn. Let’s... Read More

Where do you start your typical DQ initiative?
By: Di Joseph

You should start by understanding the quality of the existing data. This is best done by conducting a formal objective Data Assessment. Place a stake in the ground and determine... Read More

How do you go about ensuring that new data collected, from the initial process to the final steps, is of good quality?
By: Di Joseph

Whether the organisation wants to do this is the Million Dollar Question! The short answer to this question is….Continuous Process Improvement across all areas of data collection and usage. This... Read More

How do you go about improving the quality of existing data?
By: Di Joseph

Now this is an interesting question – there are several ways in which to improve the quality because there are several ways in which the data can be defective. Depending... Read More

How can Data Quality be measured?
By: Di Joseph

4. How can Data Quality be measured?We measure Data Quality using Data Quality Dimensions and Business Rules.Here are some of the most common Data Quality Dimensions to which Data should... Read More

What are the ramifications of poor Data Quality?
By: Di Joseph

What are the ramifications of poor Data Quality? Poor Data Quality always adds costs to operations so naturally reduces organisation profits. The impacts and rework associated with the DQ problems... Read More

What is the difference between a Data Quality and an Information Quality problem?
By: Di Joseph

Organisations rely on information created from data, to run operations and to make decisions. If this data is incomplete, invalid or not compliant with business rules, you have a Data... Read More

What is Data Quality and why is this so important?
By: Di Joseph

Quality is a measure of fit for purpose, the absence of defects (an objective measure) and the possession of the desired features (subjective). Taking a simple example - a new... Read More

The Costs of Poor Data Quality
By: Bryn Davies

Nobody will argue with the fact that, in the building industry, you need to get things right first time - a bridge or a shopping complex simply cannot be built... Read More

Measuring Data Quality
By: Bryn Davies

Recently in information management discussions there has been a lot of talk about the measurement of data quality. This is often seen by some as a good way to highlight... Read More

What's Driving the Need for Data Quality?
By: Bryn Davies

In an early report by The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), 48% of the respondents claimed that their companies had "no plans" for a data quality initiative. A more recent survey*... Read More

The Need for Disciplined Data Management is on the Increase
By: Bryn Davies

Over recent years, we have noticed an increased focus by South African Corporates on Data Management, a term which was traditionally associated with primarily data storage and lifecycle management. However,... Read More

Cleaning up Dirty Data
By: Bryn Davies

About five years ago, when I asked a group of executives about the quality of the data in their organizations, the overall response was one of polite disinterest - ironic... Read More

Fundamentals of Information & Data Quality
By: Bryn Davies

Data quality is about clean data – right? Wrong! That’s just a part of it, and, as the subject of data quality creeps to the centre of your radar screen,... Read More