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Data Quality Awareness Workshops


We only offer this workshop as a Private/In-House course.


Course Dates

Dates by arrangement

Course Overview

The goal of the workshop is to explain why data quality is so important, and instil or reinforce a sense of 'data quality-mindedness' in staff working in areas where data is created or modified, such as Data Collection departments, Call Centres, IT Development and Support teams and similar departments.

The object of the Workshop is to explain how each employee who creates or 'touches' data, can contribute to improving data quality, no matter what department they work in, and that 'data quality-mindedness' is a valuable attribute that makes a significant difference, and results in improvements to the reputation and efficiency of your organisation. Where possible, these points will be illustrated with directly relevant examples.

This workshop can also be delivered with a focus specifically on data capturing or alternatively IT awareness of Data Quality issues.

Duration & Cost

2 hours - Cost on application

Intended participants

This Workshop is designed to help all levels of staff to:

  • Appreciate how data quality impacts various departments in the organisation;
  • Understand the issues, risks and costs associated with low quality data and information;
  • Become aware of how each person can contribute to improving data quality in their own area.

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