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Data Quality Health Check


At InfoBluePrint we know that your data is your most important asset. Many businesses have found to their detriment that projects and services cannot be effectively delivered using unreliable data. Together with the extra pressures of ever increasing compliance requirements, the need to boost revenues and to minimize costs, this drives the imperative to improve data quality much higher on the list of business priorities.

InfoBluePrint is a specialist in Data Quality and Information Management solutions, and we understand that organisations are becoming more and more reliant on better quality data. It is clear that there is also an increasing need to minimise risks and to ensure that projects are not negatively impacted by data quality issues.

The InfoBluePrint Data Quality Health Check is built on a proven methodology and accompanied by a set of supporting tools that are very quick to implement, that provides a rapid and objective assessment of your existing data quality issues, straight out of the box. This service can be used stand alone or as an integrated part of projects supporting and enabling Marketing & Sales, Digital Strategies, Data Governance, Customer Centricity, Regulatory Compliance, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, System and Data Integration and Data Migrations.

The InfoBluePrint Data Quality Health Check Tool allows an empirical analysis to be performed on the quality and reliability of your data and provides a platform where useful and realistic solutions can be extrapolated. This will allow you to move forward with projects on a foundation of fact, rather than speculation, about data issues, and enables you to plan and prioritise appropriately, with effective allocation of resources.

Out of the box you will get all you need to run your data through a comprehensive health check:


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A set of proven business and data quality rules to immediately get up and running

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A full suite of summary and detailed reports to help monitor data quality

Toolkit icon

A toolkit for a rapid implementation

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Researched and reliable reference data to rate your compliance to industry standards


This service can be applied to any information such as customer, employee, supplier, prospect, intermediary etc. It will provide a comprehensive view of the health of such data, each record of which is checked against hundreds of rules for compliance to, for example, completeness, validity, format and consistency. The results are presented via a number of easy to read reports, and will assist significantly in any subsequent data cleansing exercises to raise data quality levels to acceptable levels. All data errors are comprehensively reported on, and data that is checked includes information such as first names, last names, ID numbers, contact numbers, email addresses, postal and physical addresses. This can be performed as a once-off exercise, and/or deployed as a permanent solution which will include a Data Quality Dashboard for regular ongoing monitoring of the health of customer and other databases.

Whilst various engagement models are possible, a quick win can be provided via our Rapid DQ Health Check Service offering where we run our generic and proven rulesets against your data and provide a suite of results via a comprehensive set of reports, enough to show the business value and provide justification for a further programme. The exercise can be run on or offsite, and depending on volume either on a server or a laptop.

The InfoBluePrint Data Quality Health Check Tool is developed to be installed on MS SQL Server V2014+, but if this is not a supported platform in your organisation there are other possibilities that we can discuss. Other technical requirements are:

  • MS SQL Server 2014+ including SSRS
  • RAM: 4Gb (Express 1Gb)
  • Processor: Min x64 Processor: 1.4 GHz
  • HDD: 200Gb plus x20 source size