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Master Data Quality Accelerators


Fast Track Solution For South African Party Master Data Quality

Backed by our proven Data Quality Management Methodology, InfoBluePrint has developed specifications, processes, templates and reference data for South African natural person and juristic entity party data (eg. customer, supplier, agent, intermediary and employee) that can be re-used for consistent and reliable application, both architecturally and programmatically.

The benefits of this solution are:

  • Better time to value and ROI of data quality software technology purchase
  • Avoids time consuming and costly trial and error development that is inherent to data quality and data cleansing activity, in particular with a new tool and a "blank page"
  • Immediate access to tried & tested reference data gathered over many years, specifically for SA
  • Cleansing performed to industry standards where possible eg SANS1883
  • Consistent and reliable results
  • Common data model allows for any data source and any structures to benefit from the same data cleansing code
  • Better performance and throughput due to scalable design and delta processing capability (if integrated with an ETL tool)
  • Audited programmatic data cleansing - detailed visibility of what was cleansed and why
  • Modular design for complete customisation and easy maintenance

Our Data Quality Accelerators have been successfully built into and deployed in the following technologies:

Oracle Gold Partner
SAS Partner
SAP Partner
Microsoft Partner

How can InfoBluePrint help?


Automatic Data Classification: ie Natural Person vs Organisation. Based on actual content rather than unreliable capturing practices.

Sub-Type Classification: SA ID, Temp Visa, Private Co., Trust, NGO, Medical, School, etc, etc.

Fixing of Mis-fielded Data and Derivation of Missing Data.

Parsing, Cleansing, Standardising of: Name, Legal, Trading, Maiden - ID, Co Reg, VAT - Addresses (all classes) - Telephone (all classes) - Email - Banking details. And more ...

Householding - various categorisation eg. via name, address, email, banking etc.

Data Quality Assessment, Validation & Scoring.