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World Quality Day 2015
By: Bryn Davies   (2015-11-12)

World Quality Day 2015

Today is World Quality Day, celebrating and promoting quality in all its forms. In 2014 one of the key messages of this day was to remind business leaders of the essential role played by quality professionals in protecting their brand's reputation and credibility. Quality standards should be the foundation of a company's long-term strategy. Neglecting quality can seriously damage your brand.

While emphasis in many people's minds is on the quality of products and services, the quality of data and information should not be overlooked. "Data underpins every product and service, and the reliability or quality of that data has a direct effect on the quality of the goods or services that your organisation offers" says InfoBluePrint's Bryn Davies.

"What we've seen in practice time and again is that, by improving your data quality, costs are cut, opportunities increase and compliance is met. Many companies today are also focusing on being 'customer centric', and reliable, accurate and complete customer data is essential to successfully delivering on that promise. This data affects how you interact with your customers and what you know about them, which is essential in order to improve the quality of services that you supply". An everyday example of that in action: you don't want to annoy a customer them by asking them to provide the same information twice, and this is something which frequently does happen because data management processes aren't functioning properly, the result of which can adversely impact the perception of your brand.

The theme for World Quality Day 2015 is "Sweet Dreams" and is guaranteed to appeal to all chocolate lovers. "Sweet Dreams" delves into the world of the cocoa industry to see how quality professionals can provide potential solutions to the challenges the industry is currently facing. If you struggle to get colleagues to understand how vital quality is to all aspects of your business, the Chartered Quality Institute have thought up a fun chocolate challenge that any quality professional can use to interact with their colleagues and demonstrate the impact of quality within their organisation. This might be just the tool to get everyone talking and taking quality management more seriously, after all who can resist chocolate! http://www.thecqi.org/Community/World-Quality-Day/CQI-Chocolate-Challenge/

So let's take World Quality Day as an opportunity to look at how quality management is working within our business and make sure that our data quality is supporting our overall drive to improve the quality of our organisation, our products and services, and our interactions with our customers, employees, suppliers and partners.