World Quality Day 2016
By: Roxane Morgan   (2016-11-08)

World Quality Day 2016

Data Management Professionals will be celebrating World Data Quality Day on Thursday 10th November 2016 and the theme for this year is "Making operational governance count"!

It feels like just the other day we were celebrating the theme of "Sweet Dreams" for 2015. The year has flown by and we trust you are all still enjoying the "sweetness of good quality management." For the past few years the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) has been driving the awareness of Quality with "World Quality Day". As a business that lives and breathes quality, it's a given that we diarise the date and do our bit in sharing in the passion and excitement of World Quality Day.

At InfoBluePrint we understand the importance of "quality data" and the impacts of poor quality data on a business, especially in the areas of "data and information". These are the fundamental building blocks upon which business decisions are made.

Making operational governance count

This year's theme is one we can all relate to with various Acts driving Compliance and Governance in SA. The pressure and need to drive governance within our organisations is being felt. Shortfalls in compliance, management and business serve offerings worldwide have resulted in many an organisation facing reputational damage and hefty fines, putting their business at risk!

Many organisations are focusing on getting their house in order, to address these shortfalls. Hence the focus on governance this year is very relevant. Operational governance is not just about creating policies, standards and processes but entails the implementation and maintenance thereof.

So what does World Quality Day have to do with Operational Governance? Strategies and policies may be set by the executives, but how are these put into action, and by who? The CQI believes the right people for this job are Quality Professionals.

Quality Professionals

As per the CQI, Quality Professionals are involved in governance, assurance, and improvement. It's the Quality Professionals in our organisations who are best suited to assist in driving and overseeing the key areas mentioned above. Companies trying to enforce governance, can tap into the expertise of Quality Professionals and get them on board. Governance/Compliance Managers looking for the right people to drive operational governance need look no further.

"The CQI's vision is a world where all organisations optimise value for their stakeholders through excellence in Governance, Assurance and Improvement."

To create some inspiration amongst your employees for World Quality Day 2016, start by sharing this BAM Nutall Video provided by the CQI, which focuses on the positive contribution of quality.

Let's all do our bit in helping the CQI make this vision a reality by appointing Quality Professionals within our organisations and assessing how "quality management" could be driving our operational governance!