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Preparing for PoPI


We offer this workshop as a Public and a Private/In-House course.


Course Dates

JHB: Friday 8th May
CPT: Friday 15th May

Course Overview

This 1 day course is designed to fast track the organisation's ability to comply with the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information ( PoPI) act which was enacted into law in South Africa in November 2013. The course provides a practical approach to developing and implementing the PoPI strategy based on an understanding of all aspects of the act. As such, the topics covered include:

  • What is PoPI and how does it fit into our current worlds?
  • This section looks at the bigger picture by putting PoPI in context and addressing topics such as:
    • What is PoPI?
    • Why does PoPI exist
    • How does PoPI relate to Compliance?
    • What is Compliance?
    • What are the risks of non-compliance?
    • Who has your personal information?
  • Getting to grips with PoPI.
  • This section will help you understand PoPI by focusing on:
    • PoPI objectives
    • PoPI terminology
    • PoPI requirements
    • What PoPI means to your organisation.
  • Understanding the PoPI Conditions/ Principles and what you have to put in place for each to ensure compliance:
    • Accountability
    • Processing Limitation
    • Purpose Specification
    • Further Processing Limitation
    • Information Quality
    • Openness
    • Security Safeguards
    • Data Subject Participation
  • Using a Data Governance Framework to assist with the PoPI implementation:
    • This section of the course introduces a framework for working with PoPI and related compliance requirements
  • The PoPI Route map:
    • This section of the course focuses on what has to be put in place to ensure on-going compliance with PoPI, and consolidates what has been covered in the previous sections to provide a simple approach for addressing PoPI requirements within your organisation.

Duration & Cost

1 Day - Cost on application

Intended participants

Information Management staff

Data /Information Stewards

Data / Information Owners

Data Administrators

Risk and Compliance personnel

Internal Audit personnel

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